The Origination of Avenue Mama

In 2017, the Universe was telling me to never take one more day for granted. I lost 7 people, in one year.

This digital community that I have created has one goal: to get rid of mom guilt. Being a part of this community will remind you each day that there is an alternative to mom guilt and overwhelm. It is being self-aware, managing your mindset, and taking action on your dreams.

Not even 2 years ago, I have lost my dad, my father-in-law, my 46 year old beloved nanny, other relatives, and my mom got diagnosed with cancer. I then experienced 2 heartbreaking back to back miscarriages… and I’m here to remind you mama, life is PRECIOUS and I’m done feeling guilty about spending time away from my kids at the expense of me drowning.

It took a lot of internal look and personal growth to be on this journey where I am passionate to teach what I have learned to overcome guilt and to no longer sacrifice my happiness for my family. I matter, and my goals and dreams matter.

We all can design a life we love.

Avenue Mamas believes that we are first individuals, before we are “Mom.” We are on a mission to change the narrative that we have to be everything, to everyone. Untrue. We can an amazing mama and pursue things that set us on fire (in the good way)! We have workshops that focus on specific challenges that mamas face, and get unstuck together and a podcast!

I’m so glad you found us, mama!

With light and love,

Annie Vovan, Pharm.D.

Wife, Mama of 2, auntie to 27. Daughter, Sister to 6, Retired Drug Dealer,  Photographer,

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Los Angeles, 2019





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