The Origination of Avenue Mama

In 2017, the Universe was telling me to never take one more day for granted.

I want every mom that I meet, to know she doesn’t have to “wait til the kids are older” to work on her goals and dreams. I want every mom to know she is not a “bad mom” for working on what fills her cup. I sought out mentors and read books and binged on personal development in 2018. I started journaling what I was grateful for and saying affirmations every day and my life started to change. I went through 2 rounds of Whole30 to get physically and mentally healthy. I spent time in therapy and also hired a relationship coach and a business coach.

This digital community that I created has one goal: to get rid of mom guilt. Being a part of this community will remind you each day s that there is an alternative to mom guilt and overwhelm. It is being self-aware, managing your mindset, and taking action on your plans.

Not even 2 years ago, I have lost my dad, my father-in-law, my 46 year old beloved nanny, and my mom got diagnosed with cancer. I then experienced 2 heartbreaking back to back miscarriages… and I’m here to remind you mama, life is PRECIOUS and I’m done feeling guilty about spending time away from my kids and the expense of me drowning.

What helped me get out of the darkness, was the support from my mom tribe. I was living in Santa Monica and joined a group there, and with my 2nd child, I joined another group and both groups were a major player in my healing.

Because I was living each day now with an awakening to find my purpose and legacy and what I wanted to leave behind when I leave the world one day…. amidst the chaos, Avenue Mama was born.

It takes discipline and a conscious effort to be open to learning new habits that I’ve used in my self-care journey, but we all can design a life we love.

Avenue Mamas believes that we are first individuals, before we are “Mom.” We are on a mission to change the narrative that we have to be everything, to everyone. Untrue. We can an amazing mama and pursue things that set us on fire (in the good way)! We have workshops that focus on specific challenges that mamas face, and get unstuck together and a podcast!

I’m so glad you found us, mama!

With light and love,

Annie Vovan, Pharm.D.

Wife, Mama of 2, auntie to 27. Daughter, Sister to 6, Retired Drug Dealer,  Photographer,

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