Avenue Mama is a community of mothers that believes that we are first individuals, before we are people.

There is a belief that  Moms should sacrifice everything, for the sake of her family, but at what cost? What happens when we run on empty? What do the people we love the most, experience as as as we run out of steam every day?

This means:

1) We believe that self-care is a daily practice.

2) We believe our goals matter. Our dreams are not on the back burner.

3) We believe we need to change the narrative that moms have be all and do all for everyone.

To be a part of this community, simply join on Instagram and our Private Facebook Group . Come to workshops/events/meetups/volunteer opportunities in Los Angeles and online events!

Mama, if you are out of survival mode with a little bit of time to dedicate to your goals, join our Fire Tribe. Enrollment begins December 21st, 2018. Subscribers to our newsletters get early access!