Service Projects for You and Your Family in the South Bay of Los Angeles with Volunteer Center

Avenue Mamas day out volunteering! We were able to spend a morning at Volunteer Center of The South Bay today! We were invited to participate in their Food Drive by South Bay Mommies and Daddies owner Laura Stokland to start collaborating together and bring mamas and their children to service events. 

In the South Bay of Los Angeles, there are communities in San Pedro and Wilmington and Long Beach that are missing the most essential items in their life: FOOD. When we see our children waste food day after day, we knew that this service project would start the conversation  to let them learn that food is a privilege.  Food is not something that everyone gets to have 3 times a day. The food that was collected today and packaged will nourish a family for half a week, and Laura did a great job getting local businesses to collect the items! Today, we were able to collect food and will distribute these bags to 52 families. 

We’ll be putting together another Food for Kids Pantry drive Oct 1-14th. If you have a physical location in The South Bay of LA  to collect items, please email us at !

Our next initiative is to help them collect 4,000 toothbrushes for the children who either do not have one of their own, or for those who share with their parent. We are looking for donations from Dental offices or you can fulfill the Volunteer Center Amazon wishlist. This link will be for donating $19  that will provide 100 individually wrapped toothbrushes (we are refraining from multipacks due to sanitation purposes) or this link for $11 donation for 12 toothpastes  or if you are feeling super fun, for $99, this link will provide 1,000 toothbrushes ! 


We hope to see you at our next service event!  Offering our kids a chance to be involved in helping others on a continual basis (versus just once a year) is part of our legacy at Avenue Mama!

Conference Junkies Unite

Conference Junkies, Unite! 


Yellow Conference 2018 Photo compliments of  CheCreates

Yellow Conference 2018 Photo compliments of CheCreates

Kristen Bell was our speaker. Then Taye Diggs gave Avenue Mamas a "You Got This" Message. Just sayin!

Kristen Bell was our speaker. Then Taye Diggs gave Avenue Mamas a "You Got This" Message. Just sayin!

Hey Mama!
As you know, I am a big fan of growing, learning, and connecting! I went to Mom2.0 Summit this year and bought my ticket for next year in Austin, so join me! I went to Yellow Co last week and will definitely go next time!

Why do I like conferences?

1) Meeting like-minded people in real life. This may sound odd, but I have met people in real life and their social media personalities don't always match. Some have surprisingly more energy in real life, and some are more quiet than they show! Going to conferences really allows me to create lasting relationships with people I vibe with from the getgo. 

2) Learning in a way that stimulates differently than an online workshop or book.

3) I always walk away energized and have new tools to apply to my business and I am a life long learner. I truly believe that we should never stop learning, growing, and discovering more. The dude who created Gray Goose Vodka was in his 70's! 

4) I am an extrovert, a true ENFP and a Leo born the year of the Tiger, and love meeting people and hearing about their mission. I'm fascinated by creative people who aren't afraid to go after their goals and designing their life without limits.

5) Self-care. This is a time for me to be Annie, instead of Mom, Mommy, MOM, Mama!!!!! 

And recently, I was invited into the Boss Moms community a few months ago just on Facebook and decided that I'm going to take the plunge and go to their retreat in San Diego! Every time I have interacted with that community, all I see are people who provide really good pointers and content. Usually groups can be drama, but this one has not been despite being really big, over 30K members.

Here's that video of this handsome man and his message ! 

Here's that video of this handsome man and his message ! 

I wanted to tell you I am going to the retreat just in case you want to come. A lot of people have said they wish they knew what conferences I plan on going to, so here you go! It is  taking place September 30- October 1st in San Diego, CA has been specifically designed for mom entrepreneurs who are looking to give their business the growth spurt it needs. Founder & CEO Dana Malstaff has described it as if ”a mastermind, a spa day and a dance party all had a baby” - which means you KNOW it'll be good! I was on a phonecall with Dana yesterday on my way down to Carlsbad, and based on my gut--- she provides value in everything she does.

From what I have read,  this event IS a massive business booster. 

You can check it out and get all the details here --->

As long as you have a product or service based businesses both reap the rewards at the Boss Mom Retreats. In the Facebook group, I have found it to be an invaluable resource and a truly positive group of moms helping moms in their business. 

Much respect to these mom bloggers! I had  pre-scheduled photoshoots at the conference during the breaks at the Mom2.0 Summit and this impromptu shoot was a blast!   From left to right:  Charisse of  Easy Toddler Meals   Jenny of  Princess Turned Mom   Angela of  Mommy Diaries   Danielle of  CityGirlGoneMom   Kim of  The Parentologist   Sally of  Lovestalgia   Amber of  Global Munchkins

Much respect to these mom bloggers! I had  pre-scheduled photoshoots at the conference during the breaks at the Mom2.0 Summit and this impromptu shoot was a blast! 

From left to right:

Charisse of Easy Toddler Meals

Jenny of Princess Turned Mom

Angela of Mommy Diaries

Danielle of CityGirlGoneMom

Kim of The Parentologist

Sally of Lovestalgia

Amber of Global Munchkins

On Sunday there's a dance party and karaoke and it sounds really fun! There are still tickets available, but they sell quickly and they cap out at 120 Boss Moms - SO if you’re interested at all, just visit the Boss Mom Retreat Website  to check out all the details and grab yourself a ticket.

Can’t wait to hopefully see you Avenue Mamas in September in San Diego! I am not sure about my childcare situation but I might even commute from LA if I have to! I love San Diego, I did my Residency here and lived in Hillcrest and Mission Valley for 3 years. Let's have us Avenue Mamas represent! 

We weren't meant to raise our children alone, and certainly own a business without help! I encourage you to put yourself out there whenever you can! 


The Weaning Blues

It’s not always smiles and sweet laughter. I breastfed for 5 years straight. Two of those years I was tandem nursing my two girls. Nurturing this bond was worth every cuddle but it wasn’t always easy. Quickly after I ended my journey, I entered a very dark mind space. My energy felt heavy and doing anything felt like immense work. I had negative thoughts, self doubt and wanted to give up on anything I was involved it. Weaning from nursing hit me in ways that were surprising. People talk about postpartum depression and even baby blues... but no one mentioned the weaning blues. The chemical change that happens (yet again) when you end the giving of yourself to your children through breastfeeding. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 12.28.25 AM.png

What I learned that helped:
1. Change the pace or pattern of your daily habit. Hell, throw it in a blender and let it go! Shake things up to zap that yucky energy some fresh oxygen!
2. Tell your friends/family/support person. Darkness can feel so heavy when you’re alone. It can also take over quickly if those around you are keen on what’s happened inside your mind.
3. Move your body. I don’t care how, but make the sweat come out. Let it cry out of your skin and drip away from your system. Sweat out those emotions.
4. Give yourself time and effort to heal. This is not an overnight process, but it does take awareness and effort to see where you are and how to move forward. 
5. Ruthless compassion. “You cannot be compassionate with others around you and an A-hole to yourself and say that you’re being compassionate” @drshefalitsabary . Give yourself extreme compassion during any difficult time. 

You got this, mama! 



Author Victoria Gracie is part of the Avenue Mama tribe and the above post  on her Instagram. With permission, we are sharing it here. 

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Why is Self Empowerment a Thing for Moms?

Today is January 12,2018 (sorry for months of silence) and Avenue Mama is starting to grow. It started as an Instagram account where I could post photos of my kids, then in September, I declared that it be much, much more. 

The most surprising words were coming out moms in our Instagram community.  I held a giveaway, and all you had to do, was give yourself a compliment. That's it. And you know what happened? No one commented on that thread.

I had to then light a fire and called out a few followers that "liked" the post, but didn't bother to give themselves a compliment. And then slowly, we got traction. 

This answer was one that really made me wake up and pay attention to what was happening. Look at what @Sarah_elizabuffy had to say....


Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 9.51.12 PM.png

Over the holidays, I decided that this tribe of online Avenue Mamas was incredibly supportive and mighty. The conversations we had, were not like any other group I had seen. When people were starting to engage with another, particularly in our now weekly #feelgoodfriday post, I realized that we have a long way to go about feeling good. This community will be the new norm about how we look at ourselves was mothers. Because hell yeah, we do SO much. And hell to the yeah, we need to acknowledge the small wins. A win, is a win. 

You are an Avenue Mama if you...

1) You are the kind of mom that openly chats to the fellow mama playing at the park.

2) You are a new mom and feel completely isolated and crave real conversations besides zippy cups and pacifiers.

3) You can laugh at yourself, and the stuff you USED to say before becoming a mom. 

4) Hold the door open whenever you see a mama with a stroller because you remember how fricken hard it was, and you aren't a jackass.

5) Love your kids to death, but also crave more of your old pre-mom self. 


Join our private Facebook group for live videos on tips and tricks on ways to get out of a funk and rut, and  even parenting advice. More coming soon! 

And remember, you got this mama!

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*Disclaimer...I decided to leave the original blog posts that follows this  just to be transparent about the thought process from the day I launched this site.