Service Projects for You and Your Family in the South Bay of Los Angeles with Volunteer Center

Avenue Mamas day out volunteering! We were able to spend a morning at Volunteer Center of The South Bay today! We were invited to participate in their Food Drive by South Bay Mommies and Daddies owner Laura Stokland to start collaborating together and bring mamas and their children to service events. 

In the South Bay of Los Angeles, there are communities in San Pedro and Wilmington and Long Beach that are missing the most essential items in their life: FOOD. When we see our children waste food day after day, we knew that this service project would start the conversation  to let them learn that food is a privilege.  Food is not something that everyone gets to have 3 times a day. The food that was collected today and packaged will nourish a family for half a week, and Laura did a great job getting local businesses to collect the items! Today, we were able to collect food and will distribute these bags to 52 families. 

We’ll be putting together another Food for Kids Pantry drive Oct 1-14th. If you have a physical location in The South Bay of LA  to collect items, please email us at !

Our next initiative is to help them collect 4,000 toothbrushes for the children who either do not have one of their own, or for those who share with their parent. We are looking for donations from Dental offices or you can fulfill the Volunteer Center Amazon wishlist. This link will be for donating $19  that will provide 100 individually wrapped toothbrushes (we are refraining from multipacks due to sanitation purposes) or this link for $11 donation for 12 toothpastes  or if you are feeling super fun, for $99, this link will provide 1,000 toothbrushes ! 


We hope to see you at our next service event!  Offering our kids a chance to be involved in helping others on a continual basis (versus just once a year) is part of our legacy at Avenue Mama!