Mom Guilt - And why is has to GO!!

Mom guilt is real. But so are your dreams..png

If you are a mompreneur with ideas flowing in your head that you want to get out in to the world as you are transitioning from being home with your baby, consider where your mom guilt is coming from:

1) Are you being present with your child, or are you thinking about your dreams and goals and work?

2) Are you working as efficiently and as effectively as possible when you aren’t with your baby?

3) Are you delegating and outsourcing whenever and wherever possible?

4) Are you working in blocks or do you have 19 tabs open on your computer right now?

5) Do you feel super unproductive?

There’s a good chance that you haven’t maximized the time you need so that whenever you are away from your child, it can feel hard coming back home.

My advice? Focus on only 3 goals for the day. Knock them out. Do the worst one first. Turn over your phone, Do not go on social media unless you have blocked out time with a timer.

Once you set up a framework on when and how to work, you can be more efficient and get back to the fam!

You don’t necessarily have to work like a chicken with her head cut off, you just need to remember to make the best use of your time!!

It does not serve you to have guilt take over on your productivity!

You have a business, a goal, a dream and if you can’t get it out of your head, you shouldn’t ignore it!

If you are struggling with the guilt, be gentle on yourself as you are treading in new water. Ask for help and don’t be afraid to accept it!

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You got this, Mama!!