The Podcast is HERE!!!

It feels surreal….here it is!


Hey Friend, I am so thrilled that th podcast is here!

Some fun facts:

1) I bought some equipment but couldn’t figure it out, so this podcast is brought to you by my laptop, microphone that is on my laptop and my recording studio aka my 3 year old’s tent. In other words, I spent $0 on the equipment I actually ended up using (for now).


2) I used Audacity to record the podcast instead of Garage Band.

3) I couldn’t figure out Libsyn, so I lauched this on podbean. Basically, you don’t upload your podcast directly to iTunes, you upload it to a 3rd party and from there you grab the link the 3rd party creates and submit it to iTunes.

4) It took 6 days for itunes to approve my podcast once I hit “validate.” Lemme tell you, those were some long days.

5) It took me 4 hours to create the artwork by photoshopping all the Avenue Mamas on the photo, which I love love love, how about you?

6) I had 4 episodes originally recorded in early August, but then only kept the first episode that you hear. The 2nd episode I recorded last night in the tent at 9pm and the 3rd episode was supposed to be episode 2. All this to day, once you figure things out, it isn’t crazy hard to record and launch a podcast!!

7) My goal is to have you take action during each episode and I’ll give you time to reflect. I did this because so often we don’t give ourselves that moment to see how we can implement a recommendation immediately.

8) The podcast will be some short solo episodes and I have some amazing interviews lined up that I am so pumped up about!!

9) I love podcasts because I can connect with you should you decide to subscribe and get encouraged every Wednesday. You can listen like I do, while driving, while doing dishes…whenever I walk around the house while my kids are asleep ;)

10) I would so appreciate you listening and taking a screen shot, tag me @avenuemama and use the #thatavenuemamalife to spread the word!!

Much love!