mom af



Make coffee.

Have kids.

Forget you made it.

Drink it cold.

We hope you enjoy the tumbler and know that it will keep mama’s coffee hot for hours! And if your kiddos can read, tell them it stands for, " MOM ALWAYS FUN!”


I started Avenue Mama after losing 7 loved ones in 2017. Talk about making proverbial lemonade, right? I still remember those dark days, on most days I could barely stand.

My cupboards were empty, the refrigerator was empty…and it was my mom friends that SAVED ME. I had just pivoted from a steady paycheck to my side- hustle-turned-business at the time, with a 1 and 2 year old.

I had no choice but to figure it out. We couldn’t make it on one income. We missed my income, and it fueled many fights.

Wherever you are are on your journey as a mom or in this season of mompreneurship, you got this. WE’VE GOT THIS!! Hopefully I got to chat with you at today’s Riveter event! I’m most active on the gram so I’d love to connect there.

Nothing to sell here, just wanted to say hello :)

Enjoy that coffee, HOT!

You got this,


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