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Avenue Mama Fire Tribe

Tired of see other mamas start their business and take off?

Tired of feeling overwhelmed about where to start?

You know in your mind that not having the perfect website and logo is just fine, but you can’t pull the trigger?

Wondering what your friends and family or spouse may think if you go out on your own?

I know what it is like, mama!! I started my first business before social media was cool and all I had to market myself was Craigs List and referrals.

You can learn the actual skills to start a business, but you need someone to hold you accountable, someone who has started multiple businesses and has engaging audience.

The start of an “engaged” audience is if you can reach 2-3% of your audience. My audience engages with me at 7- 14% because I know them so well, and I deliver and serve them every day.

A discovery call is required to ensure this is a mutual fit for one another. I’ll explain the program when we talk.

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Work with me 1:1

You’ve purchased B-School, Amy Porterfield products and you love Rachel Hollis, am I right? I am with you!! But it took daily action on my mindset that moved the needle in my life AND business the most.

Working with me 1:1 allows us to dive deeper into your ultimate success by clearing the blocks of what does not serve you AT ALL.

Let’s see if we are a good fit and I’ll share my program with you. It is customized to your needs and starts at $800 per month.