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the virtual mom squad dedicated to getting rid of mom guilt

here’s the thing…

mom guilt is real, and so are our dreams


We are moms who once struggled with mom guilt, and now design our life unapologetically. Join us, mama!




To be eligible to be a part of Avenue Mama, you must be:

1) Non -toxic

2) A good human being

3) Supportive and encouraging

4) Engaging in our community

5) Open to learning and sharing how to get rid of mom guilt, this is a commuity effort!

Most of our mamas have kids aged 0-5 years old, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of our community if your kids are older or non-existent!

We aren’t interested in how many instagram followers you have to justify being in our tribe. That’s not who we are. We are inclusive community online and in real life, glad you found us!


Meet Our Founder

The best advice I can ever give a new mom, is to find her tribe. However, many go years and years without one. I have joined groups where these mamas have become my ride or dies, and some where I ran for the door and never came back.

My goal is to grow this community so that together, we can change the narrative of motherhood. so that we can get rid of mom guilt. We do this by managing our mindset and being intentional about each day.

See if we are the right fit for you, and if not, thanks for dropping by.

You got this , mama!



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Our Live Events

Avenue Mama was founded in 2018. In one year, we hosted 11 events.! We have a strong virtual community that gathers for the Fire Tribe program, but there is nothing that replaces the face to face connection. We hope you can join in Los Angeles! Here is what we offered in 2018.

1) Self-Compassion Workshop

2) Yoga/Self-Care Event

3) Wellness + Body Positivity Workshop

4) Mompreneur Breakfast

5) Self-Care Brunch

9) Mindset Workshop

10) Kick off Party!

11) Holiday Party!



Our growing community

Our Instagram Community is supportive and engaging. We have themed posts, such as FEEL GOOD FRIDAY,MAMA , THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN, AVENUE MAMA READS THAT AVENUE MAMA LIFE.



The majority of our mamas are in california, however, we have mamas in japan, UAE, canada, bali, spain, australia and ireland!



in our first year, we offered three mindset programs. Annie’s goal is to reach 1,000 mamas within 3 years