Work with Annie

OUR DEFINITION: A mama who is out of survival mode and ready to take her vision out of her head and into the online space. She is unwilling to drop the "mom" part of this word because being a Mom is something she is NOT trying to hide or cover up. Being a mom, is part of the reason why she wants to work for herself. She is intentional with her time and constantly designing a life she loves which incorporates her biggest dreams.

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Avenue Mama Fire Tribe

Enrollment has now closed! However, make sure you are on our newsletter when the next tribe opens. This is an action packed program that is virtual where we uncover the goals that have gone dormant and dive deep to access your juiciest life goals. You’ve been busy mommy-ing and now here is your chance to work on your mindset to shift you from inaction/excuses/momguilt to ACTION.

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Work with me 1:1

This is an option for mompreneurs looking to rebrand and uplevel their marketing and branding collateral. You have everything you need and what you are missing accountability and a sounding board.

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Mompreneur Mastermind

The Mompreneur On Fire Mastermind begins March 2019 and is my signature 3 month program. We will have biweekly live virtual meetings and end with a retreat with our Fire Tribe and Master Mind Mamas. To be first to enroll, make sure you are on our newsletter!