SAFETY TALK for Parents about Tricky People


We all want to keep our kids safe and having a conversation about people who may harm our children is truly important.

It was a pleasure to speak with Pattie Fitzgerald of Safely Ever After. Pattie is based in Los Angeles and speaks to preschools and offers programs to both parent groups and to children directly on this topic. If you are uncomfortable with this topic, you can refer to the books she has written (see below) and her resources.

What we cover in the podcast:

Thumbs up and thumbs down rules

Who is allowed to touch your body

Checklist for playdates and sleep overs (or sleep “unders”)

What to tell your child when they are separated from you

6min 50 secs- Tune in at that time with your kids where Pattie talks to get to the part where she will be speaking to your child about “tricky people.”

19min 50 secs - Pattie talks about the pecking order of what to tell you child when they get separated from you.

23 minutes - making a song out of your phone number for your child to memorize it followed by her thoughts on backpack leashes for amusement parks.

36 minutes- when happens when your child has access to the internet

39 min 44 seconds- the danger of Musicly

Pattie’s Favorite resources:

1) For internet safety: Common Sense Media

2) Darkness to Light-A site for parent strategies and tips to end sexual abuse

3) Safely ever after - resources on how predators think, super 10 safety rules

4) Gavin Debecker - Security expert: The Gift of Fear, Protecting the Gift. Listening to your instincts

Pattie’s personal email:

The Super Duper Safety School

No Trespassing, This is my body that you can read wtih them

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