The Avenue of Mindset: Carly Anderson of Lipgloss and Crayons Talks about the #JustWearTheSuit Body Positive Movement She Started

In this podcast, I sit down with Carly Anderson during her first "Just Wear The Suit" weekend in Temecula California. Carly Anderson is the founder of Lipgloss and Crayons and #justwearthesuit. This former Los Angeles inner city elementary school teacher is married to a professional musician, and recently moved to San Diego from Los Angeles . 

Carly believes that hard work pays off, that community is more important that competition, and that women are stronger together. She knows that society tells us that there is one form of beauty, wants to tell her daughter (and yours) that that isn’t the truth. She leads by example, and sets her own insecurities aside to be a role model to the future world leader living in her house.  Carly’s community has been feature in People Magazine, on and won the Instagram of the Year award at the Mom 2.0 Iris Awards in 2019.

We just wrapped up her photoshoot with other women in her community because she and I had this giveaway to celebrate this movement! Hundreds of women entered and they decided it was time to rock their bathing suit AND have it documented. 

In this episode, we also cover:

Mental Health

The business of an influencer

Being from a divorced family and how that effected her dating life

Her parenting philosophies

and course, how Just Wear The Suit caught the attention of Instagram, People Magazine and 

For info on the next Just Wear The Shoot event, go to ! 

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