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Photos of  Danika Brysha  by  Annie Vovan

Danika Brysha

I've had the pleasure of working with Annie in a variety of ways and am consistently blown away with the level of care, attention, and love she puts in to her work. Annie cares so passionately about the work she does and it translates into your photos and your brand. Putting Annie on retainer to help with my content and branding photos for my business has been one of the best investments I've made. I would recommend her to anyone.

Danika Brysha, CEO Model Meals



Dana Malstaff

If you have a chance to work with Annie don't hesitate, do it! Her ability to listen to what you want to create, and make it come to life is uncanny. She has a real gift for photography and branding. Seriously, the end product was magical!

Dana Malstaff, CEO Boss Mom LLC

Photos of  Dana Malstaff  by  Annie Vovan


Michelle Purta

I swear it was fate that brought me to Avenue Mama. I don't even recognize myself anymore and the business and brand I built. This tribe has lit me up in ways I couldn't have even imagined. Annie is supportive, like truly supportive. Not the agreeable type who let's you walk around with spinach in your teeth. She will call you out (lovingly) until you get out of your own way. The women I've met.. I didn't know a single one of them before this experience and girl, I now have friends for life.
Annie has a gift in creating a safe space for everyone and making sure everyone feels heard and supported through whatever goals they have set out for them. She's someone everyone needs in their lives.

I truly owe Annie my life. She has helped me create a mindset of gratitude and living out my best future. Just when I thought I didn't have the time to do anything on top of everything moms do, with the help of Annie, I found ways to make time and figure out my business and branding messaging.

I am much happier and clear on what I want my life to look like. I'm now building the path to get to where I want to be rather than dreaming about it. I will look back on this experience and see it as when I started becoming who I want to be. If this sounds like something you need in your life, don't question it. Trust your gut and don't look back!

Michelle Purta, Family Coach for Women




In addition to being an incredible photographer, Annie helped me get clear on what I was trying to convey with my wellness brand. She identified traits in me (accessible, funny, present) and really made those traits shine through. Annie gives so much of her time, her heart and soul to help me create and share the perfect message for me brand. 

Looking through various ‘yoga photos’ taken over the years for magazines, dvd covers, etc. after about 5 minutes, I scrapped those perfectly posed and styled images for a folder filled with pics taken for ME. I settled on this one by Annie. And I love it. because even though the pose isn’t impressive or anywhere near perfect, my hair isn’t styled, and I’m not wearing make-up or Asana/ing on a beachside cliff in Bali... it has something better. Authenticity. It conveys ME... as a teacher, as a Yogini, and hopefully as a human being. It is Welcoming.

Her photos she takes are about my brand, conveying Playfulness. Joy. Comfortability. Accessibility, and a willingness to stop/ drop/ and yoga with you, anywhere, anytime. This is who I am. I am practice... not perfection. I often fall into self-doubt... but I find my way out again. And again. I ask for help, and I offer help. I want you to enjoy yoga as much as I do... and to know that none of us is perfect... but we are all called to share our unique gifts, and we are all worthy of love.

Elise Joan, Elise Joan Fitness

Photos of Elise Joan by Annie Vovan

Photos of Elise Joan by Annie Vovan


Photos of Maria Sutterfield by Annie Vovan

Photos of Maria Sutterfield by Annie Vovan

Maria Sutterfield

Annie lit a fire inside me..this is how my baby (catering business) was born. This is my re-birth. Just as I imagined my little girl to be, Ready Set Nosh took that small dim fire and ran straight without thinking, without looking, without having time to wonder, and she burst into flames. A wild fire of emotion, life, dreams, visions, and Hope’s were let loose by this fire, that blazed right threw me. Within a few weeks I was catering another event, and then another event and then another…

Annie helped me find my fire, and helping me keep it Lit AF!

Without this fire starter, there would not be what exists today… she is ready, she is ever evolving, she is certain, she is capable and she is me.

Maria Sutterfield, Ready... Set...Nosh!