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This is the day of ultimate self-care!

Music…flower crown…community building…with like minded moms!

We invite you come for our first annual SELF -Care Summit! We will have performers there as well as time to dive deep into getting rid of mom guilt!

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Avenue Mama on Fire Tribe is back! Start your 2019 off with no regrets
to Jan 13

Avenue Mama on Fire Tribe is back! Start your 2019 off with no regrets

As we enter 2019, we can enter with intention, or just “hope” things go better this year than last.

Without processing what habits that don’t serve you, personal growth may be a struggle.

Join a like minded community and stay accountable to your goals and your dreams. Learn how to manage your mindset and get out of your own way!

This is a 12 week intensive virtual meet-up of mindset work, goal slaying, community, and getting out of your way.

Check here to see what we have for you!

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Jackets and Jingle Holiday Mingle
7:00 PM19:00

Jackets and Jingle Holiday Mingle


Avenue Mama presents a night of legit love and laughter. We will have a performance by the hilarious cursing singing mom duo, Mommy Tonk. Join us for a moms night out! Like minded moms that are about community and designing a life we love.

So tell your mom crew or come alone, mama deserves a break to RELAX!

I've decided to collect jackets for moms in need that we will donate to the Long Beach Women’s Shelter. Oftentimes during the holidays, the focus on giving will go to the children in families that are facing a challenging time-- however, I think a lot of good will go towards giving a mama who is struggling, a jacket to wear and focus on her. Let's also give her warmth and nurture her. You can also bring any new winter essentials like socks and scarves and beanies. You can also purchase any jackets I've rounded up here on Amazon and email for the confidential address to the shelter office we ship to.

We want you to come for any part of the event so we went with the The Great Room Cafe because they have a playroom for toddlers for $10 per child (additional cost) but if they are 3 and under, they need supervision. If you need us to book a sitter for you, please let us know and we can possibly arrange that through an agency called Rest Assured if at least 5 guests need it. The play room shares the wall with where we will be hanging out in the lounge, so you can check in on your child really easily.

Other upcoming events December 16th, Redondo Beach ,Mompreneur Workshop on Branding and Marketing, Get it Done!

Expressing Motherhood Show, performance by Avenue Mama! on January 19th and 20th in Silverlake


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