So This is Forty-One

August 15, 2015

I've been tossing around the idea of starting a mommy blog for some time now, and have been hesitant to take that leap.

So, I decided.  Why not start one today...on my 41st bday...when I'm 9/12 months pregnant with my second bundle...while I'm sitting in a our new home in Southern Cali with boxes around me to be unpacked from the move this past weekend...while my toddler is down for a nap.  No time like the present?! 

In my heart of hearts I want this blog to be a great resource for us mamas who are just trying to figure it out like me. This blog is for the kind of mama that still wants to not lose herself entirely to motherhood/her family.  The kind of mom that still craves and creates a meaningful girl's night out, just as much as loving a Friday I'm-gonna-snuggle-with-my-kid-tonight-or-stalk-their-photos-on-my-phone night in. 

This space will be a reflection of my heart and soul while relying on my gut instinct to share what I think will support us mamas. I want a place where you can come drop by, feel warm and cozy, have fun, and leave feeling happy. Kinda like going to a Nordstrom's half yearly sale, scoring a ridiculous pair of  winter boots you weren't even shopping for kind of guiltless glee.  

I am happy you stopped by and I hope to make it worth your while. Come here to find articles to fill your heart up, recipes that make life easy, and humor to take the mama edge off. That, and much more. 

Because it takes a village.

Because there's no book on how to be a mom.

Because sometimes we just need to laugh at how much we are eating our words from before we were moms. I feel you, I really do.