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MAMA....YOU KNOW THAT TIME IS OUR GREATEST ASSET....yet day after day we get distracted, and give our time away to everyone but OURSELVES.

What would it look like if you stopped and got out of your own way? 

What if you chipped away, at bite size pieces,  at your goals or dreams OR if you aren't there yet--- getting a real hold of self-care?

Imagine that  your family experienced a mama that had more good days than overwhelmed ones. Trust me, no one is killing the mom game 24/7/365. NO ONE. 

If the only thing that changed between joining a focused 4 week tribe and you made one friend to keep you from shaming yourself or getting overdosed on mom guilt, than this would be worth taking a leap of faith. 

If you are ready to get goals done, even at a "B-" (listen to that concept) grade level, then this is for you. In other words, you don't have to do everything perfect mama, you can just put steps forward to CREATING HABITS that serve you and getting rid of the ones that don't. 


This 4 week offering  that I am so darn passionate about was created so that together, we keep you accountable to spend time on YOU, and stay ON TRACK .

It isn't so crazy hard to break up a big goal, but  if you attack it in small bites you will do it ! 


-ACCOUNTABILITY and COMMUNITY with like minded mamas. Joining a hyper focused group will allow you to get the support and  tools with Avenue Mamas that are  mom-centric, actionable, and simple. Do you have tools that could help another mom? You have to  share them! We have tons to gain from being in the same circle. 

-Access to a new private Facebook group, "Avenue Mama on Fire" (note: This is not mandatory if part of your self-care is to stay off social media) 

-Email exercises to address pain points or challenging areas. Remember, our brain likes safety and things we are used to. What you will be experience is CHANGE, and I have exercises to help your brain align with your priorities. 

-A dynamic progress tracker to  keep the promises to yourself actionable, organized, and most importantly accountable. 

-A safe community. Do you have moms that don't get you? Moms that think your goals are crazy big and try to talk you down? Or do you not get the moms that never share their skeletons and seem to have it all under control ? Yeah, me too. Thanks why I created this Avenue Mama on Fire Tribe. Nothing changes with Avenue Mama at-large, but this Mama on Fire Tribe is for the die-hards who are ready for a new narrative. I see you boo. 


Ready to  DO THIS?


What is this? 

A like minded community of Avenue Mamas ready to uplevel their life by committing to goals that are important to them.  

Who is this for:

This is for you if you are :A Mom that cannot find 5 minutes for themselves and need to strategize her day to find it. Moms that have goals that constantly get buried. Moms that have big juicy goals, but are scared to get started. Moms that have any goal that when completed, it will make their lives better. Moms that are tired of not getting results where it matters for them. Moms that are already  good taking care of everyone and everything, and now ready to take on weekly goals that have been on the back burner far too long. 


How will I track my progress?

We will give you access to a shared online progress tracker. Everyone will see each other's progress and this is where the magic of your tribe comes to life. Accountability is KEY! 

Why should I do this?

Because we all deserve to have 30-60 minutes to ourselves every day. It may start off at 5 minutes a day this week that you figure out, and then 10 minutes the next week until you work up to 30 minutes.  As you do this for yourself, every area of your life will also change, in a good way. 

What if I just don't have 30 minutes a day?

I hear you. But, what is standing in your way? If your best friend called you overwhelmed and tired, would you give her 30 minutes of your time? You would.

Now, consider that best friend is YOU! Give her 30 minutes of your time!!

Is this done all virtually?

Yes, this is all online. You can join the new Avenue Mama on Fire Facebook group , or you can do your goal slaying just with the email prompts you will get weekly. The progress tracker is also online and video conference calls (we use ZOOM) is highly recommended once a week. Can't make it mandatory, but if i could, I would. 

What else do I get for this price? 

-Tools in your mama toolbox to use in dealing with overwhelm, productivity and self-care.



Testimonials from the Avenue Mama Tribe

This fire that you have it is contagious and not phony, it is real. The energy from this tribe is f***ing amazing - a very strong force!
— Maria P.
It took you and the beautiful tribe to shake off a lot of guilt. I’ve made a lot of progress since following you. I had a hard time taking time for myself. I work out now 5 out of 7 days a week and I’ve lost 12lbs since March. Done a lot better with how I eat. Since attending your workshop last week I was so inspired and have so many ideas for my goals. Thank you for your work in encouraging and supporting moms like myself who temporarily lose their way after having children.
— J.T.
Annie, I just want to say thank you for always reminding us to be authentic to ourselves. Since I started my own blog, I got sucked into always being on social media, not being present, and then started comparing myself to other accounts and you know how it goes down from there! Downward spiral. I made a plan on how to minimize my social media and be more present for my family. Anyway, seriously THANK YOU for always being true, honest and authentic. You continue to inspire me.
— Alex A.

What makes Annie qualified to create an accountability tribe?

Great question. How awkward is this part of my letter to you. I don't mind because you aren't the irresponsible type like me that jumps in to a new program or online offering based on a gut feeling. You don't buy products or services like it's your job like I do!

I'm going to stand in my light at the risk of sounding overly confident. That's ok, you need to know that you are in good hands and this is not a random gal on the internet with a random offering.  I have had failed product launches, gotten out of abusive relationships, suffered from extreme devastation (more on that later) and I am still standing and sharing my experience as an offering to you. I'm not your coach. I'm not a mentor. I am a believer that every mom gets to shake off that mom guilt, and stand in her light. 

 I have spent 10 years as a Pharmacy Manager for Kaiser Permanente. I have experience overseeing multiple pharmacies and teams of over 100 staff members and worked with upper management to implement change. Sure, this has honed my ability to work on strategy and productivity, but more importantly, build a team and now a TRIBE on FIRE.  For example, when our warehouse machines would break  down and we would  still needed to deliver 45,000 prescriptions on the same day, I would have to devise a backup plan and rally the troops to make it happen, despite the odds against us. I LOVE THIS STUFF. But then I became a mama and well, you get it. My life pivoted and now I am using my skills for this platform that is not a passion project but a career. You heard it here sister! 

I have an abundance of tools to share about managing people, projects, and big ideas that applies to everyone. I am a content junkie and avid podcast listener and reader of books. Though I don't practice pharmacy anymore and my doctorate could be seen as a "waste", my experience working with people will always be a part of my arsenal. Now I practice self-care, and I don't see myself getting off of my soap box about implementing self-care in your mama life, anytime soon. 

In addition, I was the Co-Director of a non-profit for children for over 10 years. There I created programs and mentored hundreds of volunteers to be the best version of themselves. This was one of my biggest achievements. 

I am a serial entrepreneur and obsessed with empowering moms to get rid of mom guilt! That doesn't serve us boo!  I have had 4  Avenue Mama Self Care Workshops events since I launched less than a year ago and mamas,  there are always tears. Breakthroughs happen because the power and love these women have for each other.

And finally, my why.  I  launched Avenue Mama  after realizing how important each day of our life is after losing my father, father-law, beloved nanny (at age 46) all in 2017. I have recently had my 2nd miscarriage in a row (April 2018) and my mom just beat cancer. I have a fire lit under me, and I am passing the flames to you. 

In other words, my life has been dedicated to bringing people together in all aspects of my life. I have a lot of faults, but I do have one gift, and that is to create a space of vulnerability so that you know how awesome you are. 

  If the only thing you get out of this was one mama friend that you can lean on, it would be priceless. Belonging to  minded mama tribe  is like winning the lottery, and that is what Avenue Mama is already about for free. And the Avenue Mama on Fire is like our tribe, but on steroids! 

If you are ready, join the waitlist for when we open enrollment again!! 

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