Third Trimester Blues

March 29, 2016

We are 4 days from the expected arrival of my little lady. 

What I am feeling right now?  A mix of sadness and happiness. In fact, this week, I lost it. I cried at a restaurant on Monday. Not because I am not excited to meet and smother her with my whole heart, but because I feel like my time with my little man is coming to an end! He is my world right now and he is what I know. I feel like I won't be able to give him the love and attention he is used to, and that makes me sad for him. I will also be sad for me if I am being honest. 

I know that the first twelve weeks of a newborn's life is the most intense. The fog. The exhaustion. The short fuses. I already have experienced the exhaustion while caring for my boy and these extra thirty eight pounds without any help. 

However, they say that the heart doesn't divide itself with more kids, it actually doubles. I'll report back! 


In order to stay distracted while we wait for baby girl Avery to arrive, here are some things I want to share that helped me through my pregnancy this time.

2) In this awful heat, I need to stay hydrated. I also didn't care for  plain water, so I found this  Contigo Shake and Go tumbler.  What I liked was that I could put a few flavoring drops in and then pull out the straw and shake it up. Using lots of ice made things taste better, so the fact that I could get it extra cold was awesome. I HATE water! This is the best way I can drink it! 

3)The best  pregnancy body pillow. This was a game changer! Thank you to dear friend Alexis for the lend. Loved it with the gray jersey, made it more comfortable! I was able to sleep in so many different positions one I started using this. 

4) As far as maternity clothes go, believe it or not, I would always be able to find something at ROSS. But I do get these nursing tops that I'll continue to use agin and again.  Ross has  a maternity section and I would never feel guilty buying stuff. Most items were under $15.

5) Nausea - What helped me out was the


I'll have to report back on how this all plays out!!