Why is Self Empowerment a Thing for Moms?

Today is January 12,2018 (sorry for months of silence) and Avenue Mama is starting to grow. It started as an Instagram account where I could post photos of my kids, then in September, I declared that it be much, much more. 

The most surprising words were coming out moms in our Instagram community.  I held a giveaway, and all you had to do, was give yourself a compliment. That's it. And you know what happened? No one commented on that thread.

I had to then light a fire and called out a few followers that "liked" the post, but didn't bother to give themselves a compliment. And then slowly, we got traction. 

This answer was one that really made me wake up and pay attention to what was happening. Look at what @Sarah_elizabuffy had to say....


Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 9.51.12 PM.png

Over the holidays, I decided that this tribe of online Avenue Mamas was incredibly supportive and mighty. The conversations we had, were not like any other group I had seen. When people were starting to engage with another, particularly in our now weekly #feelgoodfriday post, I realized that we have a long way to go about feeling good. This community will be the new norm about how we look at ourselves was mothers. Because hell yeah, we do SO much. And hell to the yeah, we need to acknowledge the small wins. A win, is a win. 

You are an Avenue Mama if you...

1) You are the kind of mom that openly chats to the fellow mama playing at the park.

2) You are a new mom and feel completely isolated and crave real conversations besides zippy cups and pacifiers.

3) You can laugh at yourself, and the stuff you USED to say before becoming a mom. 

4) Hold the door open whenever you see a mama with a stroller because you remember how fricken hard it was, and you aren't a jackass.

5) Love your kids to death, but also crave more of your old pre-mom self. 


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And remember, you got this mama!

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*Disclaimer...I decided to leave the original blog posts that follows this  just to be transparent about the thought process from the day I launched this site.