Three Ways to Empower Yourself by Changing Your Words in Front of Your Children

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It is crazy how much I (likely annoyingly) correct people when they start using language that disempowers them.

I think the way we talk to ourselves about ourselves can be very damaging …as it can be uplifting. And i truly believe, your words becomes your actions….which leads to results!

And to add insult to injury, we can’t forget that our kids are listening to what we are saying.

My 3 year old daughter picks up on a lot of things her 5 year old brother says. She picks up his good phrases and bad habits. And for sure both kids are sponges and regurgitate what we say all the time.

But, I keep in mind a few things that I don’t want to have come out of my mouth and into their ears. Will we sllip? I’m sure I will. But, I am being as mindful as possible. Here are topics to be mindful about:


1) How do you talk about your body or physical appearance? What do you say outloud when you see a dessert menu while working on a health goal? Instead of saying, “I can’t eat that, I’ll just get fat” you can say , “my body doesn’t feel like eating that right now.”


2) What do you say to yourself when you make a mistake? Do you call yourself stupid?Are you unnecessarily hard on yourself? Are you showing yourself grace? It is important that our kids feel safe to make mistakes and that it is part of life!


3) How do you talk about money in front of your kids? In one of my Mommy & Me classes, our instructor said to say “We are saving our money for other things right now” instead of saying, “We can’t afford that right now.” This signals to our children on how we spend money from an abundant mindset.

Let me know your thoughts! And for more helpful tips and mindset material, join me .

You got this, mama!