Self-Care Summit : Momchella 2019

This event is for you if you are mom....

**Ready to take her self-care to the next level

**Ready to take action on your juiciest goals

**Ready to have a day for YOU....a little music, a little pampering, a lot of soul work

This is the first annual Self-Care Summit and this year's theme is MOMchella! We will be having live entertainment provided by the ever so talented and hysterical Mommy Tonk, lunch, and good times! Please be advised that Mommy Tonk does use profanity so you are aware of this part of the program.

We have surprises in store for you during our program-- and many opportunities to connect with others while you are there. By the end of the event, it is our hope you leave:



Clear on your next steps


Happy :)


Q:What do I get for the price of my ticket?

Food, Fun, Live music, interactive mindset workshop, swag, and lifelong memories

Price of tickets: $55 pre-sale until March 31st

April ticket prices: $75

May ticket prices: $95

Q: Is the event kid friendly?

A: Unfortunately, not this time. We have had childcare onsite at many workshops in the past, however, this Self-Care Summit is designed for you without any distractions.

Q: Can I come alone?

A: Yes and YES!!!

Q: Can I bring friends that aren't moms?

A: Yes! However, do keep in mind a lot focus is on motherhood and creating abundance and fulfillment while being a mama

Q: What's the dress code?

A: Casual and comfortable. We will be sitting and standing.

Q: Can I come late or leave early?

A: While we have a specific flow of events that go in order to get the most of our time together, a mama has got to do what she has to do! We get it. We want you to come to any portion of it!

Q: How do I stay connected to all these incredible mamas after the event?

A: For those who elect to share their contact info, we will have that sent out to you after the event!

Q: I have a small business, I'd love to sponsor items for your swag or partner with you on this event!

A: Awesome! Send an email to!

Q: Where the heck is the event held?

A: Annie lives in Rancho Palos Verdes and has secured a beautiful conference room atop the Palos Verdes area with views of the sea near her home to keep the cost as low as possible versus a hotel. Its about 20 minutes north of Long Beach. Lots of free parking, did we mention a pretty view??

Q: Who is Annie ?

A: Annie is me! I am the founder of Avenue Mama. While being a mom has been my greatest "job" I have planned events and retreats for a nonprofit I was the Director of, for over 10 years. I have been a manager for a major health maintenance company over 10 years leading teams and teaching strategy on productivity (very handy as a mama) and understanding time management. I have also been a serial entrepreneur and can completely understand how incredible scary and exciting it is to go after your dreams, and I LOVE being a MOMPRENEUR. Loud and proud of it! I have made a ridiculous amount of mistakes in all the seasons of my life, and my goal is to share the best tips and worst traps that I have learned to unlock those dreams you have.

This event is an interactive event where we will uncover those dreams that have been on the back burner. As moms, this is a sacred day to focus on ourselves, so we invite you to be open to sharing and supporting your mama community.

Lastly, Annie Vovan and her guest speakers are not licensed psychologist or mental health professionals. All recommendations and teachings are of our opinion and results vary. By attending this event, you acknowledge that your participation is voluntary.